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Dental Braces The Right Age For Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign Braces San Diego

As children start to lose their baby teeth, the permanent teeth start to erupt in place. From the oral health perspective, it is important that these teeth are rightly aligned and the bite is correct. When there is a misalignment of permanent teeth, there are chances of malocclusion which can affect the smile and the oral health of the kid on long-term. Generally our dental professional recommends that a child should undergo the first orthodontic evaluation by the time he/she is 7-10 years of age. This is when the permanent teeth start to erupt. Our general dentist performs a number of checks to evaluate the positions of teeth and the bite. Based on the findings from the evaluation, an orthodontic treatment may be recommended if necessary.

Dental braces for Teens and Adults

One of the most common questions asked by patients is related to the right age for orthodontic treatment. Though it is advisable to bring children of the age group 7-10 for an orthodontic evaluation, it is never too late for adults to get their bite checked. People who have healthy supporting bones can undergo orthodontic treatment with dental braces. This can avoid tooth decay, gum infection and other problems on a long-run. However, the time required for the treatment may be more for adults as compared to teenagers. The treatment usually spans 18 months to 3 years for adults. When dental braces are recommended for teenagers, the treatment is comparatively quicker because the supporting bone is still in the developmental stage and the teeth movement may not take as much pressure as required in adults. Irrespective of whether the patient is a teenager or adult, the oral hygiene practice and post-treatment care is common for all. There are different types of dental braces available to correct the bite in children and adults. the use of a particular type depends on the complexity of the case and the preferences of the patient.

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