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Dental Bridges Different Types

Prosthodontics has many solutions for a lost tooth. The restoration suggested by a dentist depends on the oral health condition of the patient. Dental bridge finely fills the gap created by a lost tooth in the dentition by replacing it with a false tooth. The bridge is available in various types and the choice depends on the tooth which is lost, esthetic need and functional requirement of the patient. The following write-up gives an overview of the various types of dental bridges.

Classification based on design

Dental bridges can be classified into 3 or more types based on the design. The choice depends on the tooth which is replaced using the bridge.

Traditional bridge

These bridges have two crowns and one or more false teeth which replace the lost tooth/teeth. They are widely used by dentists to replace molars since they are highly stable and can bear the higher load.

Cantilever Bridge

This type of bridge has one supporting crown and one false tooth. They are recommended when replacing lost front tooth. These bridges are not designed to bear the heavy load.

Maryland bridge

Maryland bridges are less invasive since the preparation requires micro-etch of teeth surface. These bridges do not have supporting dental crowns attached to them. Instead of supporting crowns they carry wings.

Classification based on supporting structure

Natural teeth generally support dental bridges. The dentist prepares the natural teeth to hold the bridge. Since the teeth root is well intact, the jaw bone is healthy with this type of restoration.
Dental bridges can be supported by implants as well. The ones which are supported by dental implants are suitable when there are two or more neighboring teeth missing in a row. These bridges provide a high degree of stability.

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