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Dental implants – Insufficient Supporting Bone

Dental Implants San Diego

Dental implants are surgically inserted into the supporting bone. The restoration replaces lost tooth root and acts as a support to the dental crown. Dental implants integrate with the supporting bone and form a strong bond with the bone tissues. Therefore the success of the dental implant surgery entirely depends on this integration process which is termed as Osseointegration. The volume of the jawbone plays a key role in Osseointegration. This is why dentists perform a thorough evaluation of jawbone before performing dental implant surgery.

Reasons for insufficient supporting bone

There can be several reasons for having insufficient supporting bone. Gum diseases lost tooth and trauma can all lead to bone loss. When a lost tooth is not replaced for long, the bone loses stimulation and starts to shrink. When there are many teeth missing, there can be severe jawbone loss which can cause the facial muscles to sag.

Bone grafting

There are different ways in which bone grafting can be done. Dentists mostly use biological materials to help stimulate bone growth process. Following are some of the types of bone grafting procedures.

Socket grafting

Socket grafting is done immediately after tooth extraction. This process involves filling the tooth socket with an appropriate material such that an implant can be placed on the site in future.

Ridge expansion

Ridge expansion is the process of increasing the length and width of the supporting bone using appropriate materials and procedures. There are different ways in which this can be performed. The replacement materials can be taken from other parts of the patient's body or from external sources.

Sinus lift

A sinus lift is a minor surgery performed when a dental implant has to be placed right below the sinus membrane. When there is a bone loss in the area below the sinus membrane, the membrane may have to be lifted up and the area is filled with a bone material which can support the dental implant. This surgery can be performed by experienced dentists or surgeons.

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