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What Are the different types of Dental Implants supported Dentures?

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Dentures are removable dental appliances that are used to replace missing teeth. Dental implant surgery is a dental procedure that serves the same purpose of masking missing teeth as that as dental implants in San Diego. one of the main differences between dental implants and dentures are that implants are permanent fixtures, whereas dentures are removable.

Dental implant supported dentures are over dentures attached to dental implants. An implant-support denture is suggested when someone is missing all teeth in a row. The patient must have sufficient bone in the jaw to support an implant.

Usually, dental implant supported dentures are designed for lower jaws, as regular dentures tend to be less stable in lower jaw than in upper jaw. There are arrangements made for dentures to snap into the dental implants so that they are firmly held.

There are mainly two types of implants supported dentures. bar – retained dentures and ball – retained dentures. both of these types of dentures require a minimum of two implants to support them.

Bar – retained dentures:

In this type, a thin metal bar that runs along the gum line is attached to 2 to 5 implants fitted into your jaw bone. The metal bar is fixed onto the implants with the help of clasps or any other attachments. Dentures are placed upon this bar in a secure manner.

Bail – retained dentures:

Each implant that is placed in your jaw bone has an attachment made up of metal which in turn is fixed onto another attachment on the denture. Generally, the attachment on the implants are ball-shaped and fits accurately into the socket which is present under the denture.

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