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How Do I Get Started Invisalign Treatment

How Do I Get Started Invisalign Treatment

You have spent your time browsing websites about Invisalign teeth aligner and spoken to your friends/family members, finally making up your mind to get the treatment. But where do you start? There may be many Invisalign® providers around your locality. How do you find the right one for you? How does the treatment take place? Here is an overview of how your treatment journey may turn out be.

Finding the dentist

This is the most crucial step when you are about to get started with Invisalign®. The dentist whom you are consulting for Invisalign® will be interacting with you for next 6-12 months or more. Patients should look for trained providers. They can meet a few dental professionals before choosing the right one.

Initial examination

The dental professional conducts initial dental examination and speaks to patients about what they expect from treatment. The dentist checks the teeth to see if the Invisalign® can bring about desired changes. The treatment is recommended after thorough examination and X-rays and pictures are taken.

Treatment plan

To set the treatment plan, the dental professional takes impressions of the dentition. The data is converted to electronic format and sent to the lab. The dentist communicates the treatment plan with the technicians and gets 3D digital models of the treatment plan. Each movement of the tooth is mapped in the digital model showing the final results. The dentist gives a preview of the expected results using these models and provides final approval for fabrication of the aligners. A series of aligners are custom-fabricated in the lab to suit the needs of patients. Each pair is delivered to patients periodically.

The treatment

The patients start wearing the aligners 22 hours of a day. Each pair of aligners should be replaced with another after using them for two weeks or so. The patients should maintain good oral hygiene during the course. The dentist informs patients about how to clean aligners. Periodic dental visits are necessary during the treatment. This helps patients check the progress of the treatment.

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