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How To Care For Dental Bridge and Crowns

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You have finally made up your mind to replace that lost tooth with a dental bridge. Though you are fine with the grinding down of nearby teeth, you are concerned about maintaining the hygiene. Unlike dental implant, where each dental crown is supported by a titanium metal piece, dental bridges have a false tooth which is supported by two anchoring crowns. Both removable and fixed types of dental bridges are available on the market. One can brush teeth when living with a dental bridge, but the flossing gets a little tricky. So how to prevent dental infection when living with a dental bridge?

Dental bridge and dental infection

It is very important to maintain oral hygiene when living with a dental bridge. There are chances of food lodgment under the supporting crowns and false tooth. If this is not cleaned regularly, there are chances of tooth decay and gum infection. Caries can easily be formed in the supporting teeth and this may be difficult to detect because crowns cover them. By the time the patient gets a toothache, the problem would have turned complicated. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to maintain good oral hygiene when living with dental bridges.

Special floss threads

There are special types of floss available for cleaning the gaps under dental bridges. Since the supporting crowns are attached to the false tooth, a normal floss thread, which can easily run between two teeth, will not work for a dental bridge. The special floss thread which is designed for the dental bridge has a stiff side and a flexible side. The stiff part of the thread helps in easy insertion of the floss in the gap between the bridge and the gum line. Patients will be able to clean the area under the dental bridge with the help of flexible part of the special floss. There are other special types of brushes and tools available on the market to clean dental bridge based on the needs of the patient.

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