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Affordable, Low Cost, Best Clear Correct and Simpli5 Aligners

Invisalign San Diego

What are removable aligner systems?

Removable aligner system is also known as Invisible dental braces are relatively newer orthodontic options, for people who want to rectify their dental flaws such as misaligned teeth, crooked teeth etc.. Unlike the conventional metal braces that were commonly used to perform teeth alignment treatments, these aligners are clear removable plastics. These hold a greater advantage over metal braces as these make the orthodontic treatment invisible.

Invisalign Vs Simpli 5

Things that are common between Invisalign and Simpli5 are similar to that of Invisalign and clear correct as mentioned above simpli 5 is also a removable invisible aligner meant to work towards perfecting minor flaws of your teeth.

Things that are not in common between Invisalign and Simpli 5:

  • Again here the cost of Simpli 5 is less compared to Invisalign
  • Simpli 5 was introduced much lately than Invisalign.
  • In Invisalign treatment a set of the aligner is given to you, In accordance with the positioning of your teeth, whereas in Simpli 5 just set of 5 aligners is given to you.
  • Simpli 5 is suitable to work towards rectifying small issues whereas Invisalign is used for more complex conditions.

Categories of these invisible aligners

Invisible aligners are broadly classified into three groups

  • Invisalign
  • ClearCorrect
  • Simpli 5

Invisalign Vs ClearCorrect

Let's have a look at things that are common between Invisalign and Clear Correct

  • They both are Invisible and Removable Appliances
  • These both are non-Invasive in nature and are made custom fit to the patient's teeth.
  • Both of these work well on patients who are allergic to metal
  • It is necessary for the patient to wear these aligners all day, but it gives them the flexibility to remove it when they are brushing, flossing or while eating and drinking.

Things that are not in common between Invisalign and ClearCorrect

  • Where the price is concerned Clear Correct is less expensive than Invisalign, but they offer the same functionality as Invisalign
  • Invisalign has made a mark for itself and has been around since 1997. Whereas ClearCorrect was found almost 9 years later somewhere in 2006
  • ClearCorrect is a company based in America and their products are manufactured only in America. Whereas Invisalign has a huge global market, as it is a global company and it the product is manufactured globally.

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