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Invisalign® Attachments – When are they needed?

The Invisalign® system has been a revolutionary orthodontic appliance which has simply changed how teeth are straightened. Unlike the dental braces which require thick brackets and wires, the Invisalign® system has a series of aligners that bring about the desired changes in the smile. The aligners are clear, smooth and removable which are some of the major benefits. Align Technology, the maker of Invisalign® system has continuously upgraded the system to ensure that it suits the need of most of the orthodontic cases. Attachments have been one of the additional supports used by Invisalign® dentists to ensure effective treatment in San Diego, California.

What are Invisalign® attachments?

Invisalign® attachments are dental bonding's that are placed on the surface of specific teeth. These bondings are designed in the shape of a square, rectangle and other simple geometric figures. The bonding's act as a support to Invisalign® aligners and enable some teeth movements. They are removed after the treatment is complete. The attachments are in the color of natural teeth. Hence they are rarely visible when a person smiles with the Invisalign® on.

Why are attachments needed?

Certain teeth movements such as rotation or extrusion may not be achieved with the use of aligners. In other cases, the shape of the teeth itself may be so complex that the aligner is not able to apply pressure over it. The attachments help the aligners move teeth in such conditions. The bumps act like points over which the aligners grip and make push the teeth.

How are Invisalign® attachments removed?

The attachments are removed after the Invisalign® treatment is complete. They are easily removable using dental instruments. It is a painless process which takes less time and does not require local anesthesia. The small attachments make a big difference by effectively moving teeth.

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