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Invisalign Treatment The Time Required To Get A Perfect Smile

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Before the introduction of Invisalign® in 1998, straightening teeth was never a convenient and beautiful business. Patients had to wear thick brackets and wires for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® has been a revolution in the field of orthodontics. The aligners have created some amazing smiles for individuals across the United States. Patients who were hesitant to get orthodontic treatment because of the unsightly appearance of braces and inconvenience are now motivated, thanks to the clear braces. one of the prime concerns of most of the patients is regarding the length of the invisalign® treatment. although the treatment duration is totally dependent on the complexity of the case, there are some points that may hint the users about the treatment length.

The factors that decide treatment length

A dental professional is the best person who can inform patients about the length of the invisalign® treatment. the complexity of the orthodontic condition may have several factors that should be considered during the treatment plan. following are some of the factors that may influence the length of the treatment.

Movement of teeth

Teeth are moved during the treatment. The range of teeth movement may be one crucial factor that decides treatment length. The more the range of teeth movement higher number of aligners is required in the Invisalign® series. This increases the treatment length. One of the ways patients can calculate the length of the treatment approximately is to count the number of aligners in the series in a treatment plan. Multiplying this number with 2 weeks can give an approximate estimate of treatment length.

Remodeling of bone structure

The behavior of bone structure, the nerves and the blood cells during treatment is different for different patients. This can vary the treatment length from one patient to another.


Invisalign® aligners are removable. The patient should make it a point to wear the Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours of a day. when the patient is not able to manage this routine, the treatment time extends and the results may be affected.


The dentist may recommend the use of retainers after the treatment is complete. This ensures that the teeth do not come back to previous positions. The retainer use may be required for about few months. The retainer use too may affect the length of orthodontic treatment.

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