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Partial Dentures San Diego California

If you’re missing all or some of your teeth, it can be difficult for you to speak and eat efficiently. In cases where other types of tooth replacement therapies aren’t an option, our San Diego dental office provides denture and partial denture therapy to patients who need to have their smile restored. Full dentures will replace all of the teeth, while partial dentures are shaped around any existing teeth and replace the ones that are missing. Dr. Refahi’s mission to be one of the best dentists in San Diego means he offers various denture types to his patients.

Adjusting to Your New Dentures

Anyone who has denture therapy in our San Diego dental implant office will tell you that it takes some time to adjust to the new appliance. Wearing your new dentures as directed will help you learn to eat and speak with them more effectively, making you more comfortable over time.

Caring for Your Dentures

Taking proper care of your dentures will extend their life as well as how well they fit into your mouth. Not wearing them properly can actually cause your bone to reshape and not allow your denture to fit properly.

Take your denture(s) out every night and allow them to soak in a container of water or denture cleaning solution.

Brush your dentures thoroughly to remove any plaque or food debris. Dentures can get tartar buildup, too.

Use cool or room temperature water when cleaning your dentures, as hot water could cause reshaping of the acrylic.

Ask your dentist if you need to have them adjusted. Never try to adjust your dentures yourself as they could become damaged.


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