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Root Canals Treatments in San Diego, California

Preserving Teeth from the Inside-Out

Endodontic therapy (more commonly known as a “root canal”) is a method that is used to restore teeth that have been infected on the inside. That is, the nerve of the tooth has been exposed to an infection like cavities or has abscessed. Teeth that require root canal therapy may present symptoms such as:

  • Sensitivity to heat, cold, sweets, or air
  • Discoloration and darkened enamel
  • Abscesses near the root of the tooth
  • Large, failing restorations
  • Cracks that extend down the root of the tooth

Are you experiencing one or more of these symptoms? Then it’s time to contact us to have your tooth evaluated before the infection could spread.

All of Your Treatment in One Place

Root canal treatments are typically broken up into two phases. The first phase is the endodontic procedure involves numbing the tooth so that damaged or decayed enamel can be removed, along with the diseased nerve. The nerve chamber is then cleaned with a small, thin instrument and then medicated to destroy any remaining bacteria. A filling material is then placed into the nerve chamber, extending into the roots of the tooth, sealing it off and preventing re-infection. The top of the tooth is then shaped for a crown, covered with a temporary filling and an impression taken to create a permanent restoration in our lab.

In two weeks we will have you return for the second phase of treatment. At this visit, we will bond your permanent dental crowns into place, so that the non-vital enamel can withstand normal use for several more years. No anesthesia is needed!

In-House Endodontic Services in San Diego

If you’ve ever been told that you needed a root canal, your dentist might have also told you that you needed to go somewhere else for the treatment and to come back once it’s completed. Not at San Diego True Design Dentistry. Dr. Refahi has the skilled hands and techniques available to our patients so that they can complete their care from start to finish right here in our office. There’s no need to see anyone else for part of your care. For an evaluation and an estimate on your root canal treatment, dental implants, or other specialty services - call True Design Dentistry at 858-279-3455.


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