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Dental Implants Restoration method To Replace Your Missing Tooth

Dental Implants  San Diego, CA

The dental implant is the effective way to replace your missing tooth. If you are conscious about your appearance and mouth functionality then choosing this restoration method is a good solution. The natural tooth consists of a visible part crown and root is the supporting part to a crown. Root extends its link to connect the jaw bone. So once we lost the natural tooth implanted tooth may fit proper to fill the missing tooth position.

Dental implant surgery will be performed by our San Diego cosmetic and implant dentist Dr. Refahi. Many of our patients have found the dental implant is more secure, good replacement of their own tooth.

Advantages of Dental Implant:

  • It retains your smile and natural face shape
  • You will get a good health and natural tooth resemblance
  • Implanted tooth protects the jaw bone
  • It supports for dentures
  • Good replacement solution for Tooth Extraction
  • Compare to other restoration methods dental implant is more predictable
  • You can eat your favorite food, speak confidently

How can you protect your Implanted Tooth?

It is very easy, there is no extra care required for implanted tooth. You all need to practice good oral hygiene, healthy food diet also good oral habits to keep your mouth fresh and healthy. Healthy gum and jaw make sure to wrap the implant well for a longer time. Even though regular dental checkups makes you free from any sort of diseases and symptoms in an early stage. Visit our dental office for more information in San Diego, California.


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