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Teeth Whitening Kits San Diego California

Teeth Whitening Kits San Diego

There are few people who actually enjoy a trip to the dentist. Those that need to have major work done may be downright scared to enter into that office. These days, sedation dentistry can offer you the relief of being chemically relaxed or even knocked out while the dentist does his or her digging, pulling or (gasp) drilling. Easier for the patient and the doctor, sedation dentistry is being promoted internationally as an effective way to cure the fear of the dentist’s office.

Essentially, this procedure uses anesthesia to relax and sedate the patient during treatment. When a significant amount of time and work are called for, sedation dentistry may be the best option. Especially recommended for pediatric patients and children who exhibit extreme phobia of dental work, there are a variety of levels of sedation that can be used. The lightest and most common practice is to use methods to relax the patient and lower significantly his or her level of anxiety. The highest level of sedation will put the patient to sleep so that the least pain and unpleasantness is felt during the procedure.

Teeth whitening products are becoming so commonplace that there are almost as many options in supermarkets as there is toothpaste. Indeed people spend millions a year to keep that do-it-yourself paper-white smile. Because of this, most brands are well tested and extremely safe to use, but it is important to remember that these products still contain bleaching agents and if used incorrectly, can cause problems.

First of all, it may be a good idea to check the hydrogen peroxide content of the package, which should never be more than 3.5-6%.

As far as human error, one of the most common misuses with home teeth whitening kits occurs when the individual leaves the tray or strips on longer than the advised time. Although it may seem that the longer one wears the whitening agent, the whiter the teeth will become, this is not the case. In fact, what more often results are dehydrated and oversensitive teeth. The bleach in the formula only activates for a certain time, after which it stops whitening the teeth and only leave harsh chemicals that will damage the protective layer of your teeth and possibly become painful.

Oral tissue damage can be a much graver consequence that may occur if your teeth are not strong, to begin with, or if you abuse teeth whitening products for an extended period of time. Destruction of necessary mouth and gum tissue will take a long time to replace and may be irreversible. You may notice the edges of your teeth becoming bluish and even translucent, as well as sensitive to temperature and pressure.


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