Your First Visit with True Design Dentistry

– Evening and weekend appointments are available on a limited basis to accommodate the needs of our patients.

Emergency dental appointments are also available.

Call us at (858) 483-3384 during business hours or to leave a callback number for one of our team members to reach you.

Your first trip to True Design Dentistry is what you want it to be. Do you need to get caught up on your cleaning? Do you just need to see our experienced San Diego dentist, Dr. Nick Refahi, about a specific dental need? No problem! You dictate your own dental care. Together we work as a team to co-diagnose and co-plan any dental needs that you may have to read more about our San Diego dental office and the technology that we utilize for your care.

We Put You First

True Design Dentistry wants everyone to feel like his or her needs are put first. From helping you feel comfortable with giving you a wide variety of treatment options to choose from, we’re here no matter what your needs are. We never compromise the quality of care that we provide. Our goal is to treat you like family – your desires come first when it comes to a healthier, stronger smile; our job is to empower you to make the best choice for your oral health in the present and future. If you have special accommodation needs or questions about our dental services such as dental implant therapy or implant retained dentures, we invite you to contact us at any time. We’d love to hear from you!