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What Happens When You Get A Dental Cavities?

Dental Fillings San Diego

Dental fillings – How are they useful?

Tooth decay is one of the common dental problems faced by people. The bacterial infection of tooth destroys it in various stages. The bacteria feed on the sugars and form an acid that can create cavities. There are different stages of this bacterial infection and the restoration process recommended by the dentist depends on the severity of the decay. Dental Fillings are opted to restore a tooth when dental caries has not gone past the enamel layer. Though there are a few different types of fillings available on the market, composite fillings are mostly used because of their advantages over other types of fillings.

How do composite fillings work?

Composite or plastic fillings are most commonly used to restore decayed tooth because they require very less part of the enamel to be removed during the process. The process is less invasive. Composite materials are easy to work on and they neatly fill the cavity. This makes it easy to use these fillings for small cavities especially in tooth pits. Unlike other metal fillings, composite does not expand or contract when subjected to heat and cold. This reduces stress on the inner surface of the tooth.

The composite materials have an aesthetic advantage over other materials. A dentist can prepare near replicas of the natural tooth using composite tooth fillings. In the case of any damage to the composite fillings, it is easier to repair/rework. Composite fillings are simply applied in the cavity after removing the infected part of the tooth. A blue ray of light helps in quickly hardening the material after the filling is complete.

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