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How Long Do Dental Bridges And Crowns Last

Dental Bridges and Crowns San Diego California

Dental bridges and dental crowns are recommended to enhance biting and chewing functionality. While the bridge replaces a lost tooth, a dental crown can protect a weak natural tooth. The restorations are generally expected to last for about 5-10 years. However, their durability depends on the success of the restoration procedure and the oral hygiene. The following write-up provides an overview of how and why dental bridges and dental crowns fail.

A dental bridge is a fixed restoration that can be made of porcelain or metal. It normally has a false tooth at the center and two anchoring crowns on either side of it. The success of the restoration procedure depends on how well the bridge fits the gap. The quality of biting and chewing functions and the comfort level can be decided based on the fit of the restoration. At any point of time when there is improper fit for whatever reasons, the dental bridge may become loose or may start to wear. This can be one of the key reasons why a patient might need to get the restoration repaired.

One of the commonly found causes for failure of a dental restoration is tooth decay. When oral hygiene is not maintained, food debris can get collected underneath the dental restoration leading to gum infection and tooth decay. this is very difficult to identify since the crown or the bridge covers the natural teeth which are infected. A toothache and swelling of gums can be common symptoms of this problem. under such circumstances, our dentist may have to remove the restoration and clear the decay before the tooth is reshaped using proper dental materials.

In other cases, our dentist may recommend repair of the dental bridge or crown when the restoration is damaged and looks unattractive. The repair process helps our dental professional recreate a beautiful smile for the patient.

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