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What is a Dental Implant supported denture?

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So how do implant support dentures work?

Traditionally a denture is just a removable setup that simply sits on your jaw stiffen by mild adhesive. For implant-supported dentures, the dentures are attached to implants that are inserted into your jaw. The dentures placed in this manner are more stable. While these type of dentures can be placed in the upper and lower jaw, but the option is usually preferred to be placed in the lower jaw, as it tends to be more secure.

How long do these implant support dentures last?

Where an exact time duration cannot be specified for these dentures, rest assured that with proper dental care and dental hygiene implant-supported dentures can last for quite a few years.

How can you care for your implant-supported dentures?

Just like your regular dentures, overdentures will also need to be taken care of. You will have to remove the dentures at night for cleaning purposes. Also, special care should be taken to clean around the attachments that hold the dentures in place. Any discomfort or pain should be immediately notified to your dentist.

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