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Periodontal/Gum Disease in San Diego

Battle Gum Disease Where it Starts

Did you know that gum disease is the #1 cause of adult tooth loss? The condition causes bone and tissue loss around the teeth, combined with symptoms such as:

  • Tooth mobility and loss
  • Gum recession
  • Sensitivity
  • Bad breath
  • Visible tartar buildup
  • Gums that are swollen or bleed easily

Periodontal Therapy in San Diego

Thankfully it’s possible to take charge of your periodontal health and reverse the effects of gum disease before it is too late. Our customized perio therapy plans allow you to combat gum disease using non-surgical, minimally invasive techniques that produce some of the most significant results possible without having to undergo expensive surgical treatments.

Most of our periodontal therapy programs involve a series of deep cleaning, combined with laser therapy to enhance results and recovery.

What is a Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning (periodontal scaling and root planing) are therapeutic procedures that remove calcified bacteria from the teeth, just under the gum lines. True Design Dentistry deep cleanings typically require 1-2 visits, with the cleaning focused on one quadrant of your mouth at a time. Each area is numbed for your comfort and then thoroughly cleaned with an ultrasonic hand scaler and manual instrumentation to remove tartar and biofilm. After the scaling, we also recommend the use of a soft-tissue laser to speed healing and treat diseased tissues within the gum pocket. This creates a healthy environment so that your gums can reattach to the tooth’s surface and the disease can be halted.

The Laser Advantage

True Design Dentistry is one of the first providers in San Diego to offer a non-surgical laser alternative to periodontal therapy. Our periodontal lasers produce advanced results when combined with periodontal scaling and root planing procedures. With our customized care plan and oral hygiene guidance, we expect our patients to limit or reverse the impact of gum disease within just a few weeks. Schedule an exam with Dr. Refahi and our team to find out if it’s an option for you!

You Don’t Have to Lose Your Teeth

Catching periodontal disease early is the best thing you can do for your smile. True Design Dentistry’s minimally invasive periodontal therapies and laser techniques provide our San Diego patients with the opportunity to retain their natural teeth rather than lose them. Don’t put your smile off another day. If bleeding, swollen gums are a way of life, then it’s time to change that. If you’ve already lost some of your teeth to gum disease, our dental implant services may be able to benefit you as well. Call us at 858-279-3455 to set up your private periodontal screening and gum disease assessment.


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